About us - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The impact on Transfennica Logistics' operations

As Transfennica Logistics plays a very important role in the international supply chain of our customers, it is our absolute priority to keep our crew and shore personnel safe from the effects of coronavirus. Therefore we want to emphasize our commitment to our customers and their cargo. We will do our utmost to minimize the negative impacts to our operations and remain alert to modify our processes according to the prevailing situation.



Latest news

October 9, 2020

  • There are still no plans to cancel departures or bookings for cargo.
  • As precautionary measure, drivers and passengers will not be allowed on board vessels operated by Transfennica for the time being. 
  • The crew on board our vessels follow various health and safety protocols. These are regularly updated according to advise from relevant national and international authorities.
  • The office and shore personnel follow national and international health instructions. We have good capabilities to maintain our operational processes by working remotely if necessary.

Our personnel will keep you updated about the situation and possible local regulations that may emerge at short notice.
We are confident that in good co-operation with all our stakeholders we can support each other during these extraordinary circumstances.