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Dedicated rail Service Antwerp - Mouguerre and Barcelona

With the start of Transfennica Logistics' block train between Antwerp and Mouguerre (Irun) Transfennica Logistics has re-established a fast multimodal connection between Northern Europe and Spain and vice versa.

Transfennica Logistics dedicated rail service secures sufficient capacity to cover your needs and offers short and reliable transit times to and from Antwerp to Mouguerre (Irun) and Barcelona. On the terminals in Antwerp, Mouguerre (Irun) and Barcelona we coordinate the loading and delivery of cargo with dedicated subcontractors.

Rail network

The network of railservices in Europe is continuously expanding and improving. We cooporate with all leading European Railfreight Operators and have fixed capacity on certain destinations. The service network includes domestic rail connections in all countries Transfennica Logistics is present, as well as a number of cross-country routes.

See our short compilation of our dedicated rail service:

Rail connections

Our dedicated block train and other rail services - 4 departures per week starting from 19/04



Antwerp > Mouguerre

Departure Closing   Arrival   Availability
MON 22h00 WED 13h00
WED 22h00 FRI 13h00
THU 22h00 MON 06h00
FRI 22h00 MON 14h00

Mouguerre > Antwerp

Departure Closing Arrival Availability
TUE 16h00 THU 06h00
WED 16h00 FRI 06h00
THU 16h00 MON 06h00
SAT 06h00 TUE 06h00


We serve the following lanes:

•   Antwerp - Mouguerre (Irun) v.v. Dedicated Blocktrain 4 times a week
Dourges -  Mouguerre v.v.
Dourges -  Perpignan v.v.

Check your local contact for schedule and capacity.