Services - Short Sea

Short Sea Services

Transfennica offers full door - to - door package from Groupage, Part loads and Full Loads, based on the Transfennica Shortsea service.

For many years the Baltic area is connected with the Benelux, UK, Spain/Portugal and Germany via the Transfennica Shortsea service.

Especially the Benelux is well served via our Antwerp terminal, warehouse and office with multiple sailings a week.

Spain and Portugal are well connected to our North European network with fixed capacity on rail and shortsea.

We offer multiple-weekly frequencies, reliable vessel arrivals, arrangements with local rail operators for onward rail transportation and sufficient trucking capacity which ensures on-time deliveries and collections across Europe.


Short sea connections


From Antwerp (BE):

  • Antwerp - Rauma .v.v.
  • Antwerp - Hanko v.v.
  • Antwerp - Kotka v.v.
  • Antwerp - St,. Petersburg v.v.
  • Antwerp - Paldiski v.v.

From Tilbury (UK):

  • Tilbury - Rauma v.v.
  • Tilbury - Hanko v.v.
  • Tilbury - Kotka v.v.
  • Tilbury - St,. Petersburg v.v.
  • Tilbury - Paldiski v.v.

From Lubeck (DE)

  • Lubeck - Hanko v.v. Daily service

Check your local contact for schedule and capacity.